Friday , February 23 2018
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A surreal time-lapse of an exotic sky

Star gazing in one of the most light-polluted areas on Earth sounds impossible – but one filmmaker has found the perfect spot to watch the Milky Way unfold above him. For filmmaker Harun Mehmedinovic, Florida’s Dry Tortugas National Park was the perfect place to see the stars dance in front …

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Where a simple photo changed a life

A Hollywood film editor has photographed some of India’s poorest people – capturing the look on their faces when they see themselves in a photo for the very first time. A white-haired beggar sits outside the 13th-century Konark Sun Temple in Odisha, India, a wide smile spread across his face. His …

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Hawaii’s mysterious water bears

Haleakalā is considered the richest place on Earth for tiny, nearly indestructible tardigrades. Biologist Sam Gon III found 31 distinct species in just 50 sq miles.  Perhaps you’ve heard of the mysterious, microscopic animals that can survive being crushed, frozen, boiled and subjected to the vacuum of outer space.  Tardigrades, …

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Long Museum – China

Long Museum Opened in 2012, the Long Museum is appropriately named for its sheer size—approximately 10,000 square meters. Designed by Chinese architect Zhong Song,this minimalist museum has become “a focal point of Shanghai’s burgeoning art scene,” says Tory Burch, adding, “the massive, new, nearly 175,000-square-foot exhibition space on the West …

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